The healthcare team

All content (tips, programs and blog posts) are issued from scientific literature. They have been prepared and validated by our team of experts in sports medicine, psychology and science.

K-Geoffrey Wandji

K-Geoffrey is a sports physician and former assistant at Lille-area hospitals, specialized in the prevention of running injuries. He ensures the medical follows-up of both amateur and professionals athletes.

Guillaume Boitel

Guillaume is a Sport Scientist specialized in nutrition, biomechanics and sports physiology. He follows-up the preparation of high-level athletes.

Mauraine Carlier

Mauraine is a doctor in cognitive and sport psychology. Her work focuses on psychological and cognitive factors predicting the occurrence of injuries in sports. She works on their motivations and follows them throughout their practice.

Pauline Six

Pauline is a sports medicine physician. She specializes in the rehabilitation of athletes (from initial diagnosis to re-training). Pauline is a passionate runner; she competes in long distance trail running and triathlons.