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  • Running and Performance Anxiety

    Take two different running sessions. During the first run, you were certain to be able to reach your target. During the second run, though, you just couldn’t stop worrying about your target. Does that sound familiar? In the case of the latter, you experienced what we call performance anxiety.

  • Essential Oils: the Runner’s Ally for Well-Being

    Running puts the body through a lot of strain, regardless of experience level or whether an occasional or regular activity. Essential oils are a great health resource for runners, helping them to prepare their bodies for exertion and recovery. Read on to learn more about their benefits.

  • Flow: the Art of Mastering the Moment

    Running helps us stay in shape, take time for ourselves as well as spend it enjoyably with others. Running also brings us pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. It means mastering an art and occasionally reaching a state of unparalleled contentment. Could this be the flow state that we are experiencing?

  • When Running Rhymes with Pleasure

    Running brings us great pleasure, joy, satisfaction, and pride when we manage to reach goals once thought unattainable. On the other hand, running is also synonymous with physical exertion, discomfort, and even pain and exhaustion. When we experience these kinds of negative sensations, what can we do to stay motivated?

  • Stress, an Injury Risk Factor for Runners

    Unfortunately, when we run sometimes we get injured. Poor form or a history of injuries are known to be the biggest factors in this regard. The scientific research also shows that feeling fatigued before starting, compounded with the daily stresses of life, can increase the likelihood of injury.