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  • Stress, an Injury Risk Factor for Runners

    Unfortunately, when we run sometimes we get injured. Poor form or a history of injuries are known to be the biggest factors in this regard. The scientific research also shows that feeling fatigued before starting, compounded with the daily stresses of life, can increase the likelihood of injury.

  • Pregnancy and running: can you run while pregnant?

    Many enthusiasts choose to continue running throughout their pregnancy and in return often receive flak or words of caution from others…
    But you should know that running is no more dangerous than any other sport! Barring medical contraindications, hanging up your running shoes doesn’t need to be a foregone conclusion. However, it is important to take a few precautions as soon as you are aware of the pregnancy.

  • Be done with stress fractures

    Stress fractures affect a large number of athletes across many different disciplines. They are microscopic cracks across a bone that can no longer handle the repetitive stresses of exercise. After time, these micro-lesions compound and cause the bone to fracture. This is what is known as a stress fracture.

  • Lose weight effectively by running

    To lose weight, first of all you have to burn more calories than you are taking in. Running can help contribute to that burn. There are two possible options: outings focused on basic endurance, and high-intensity sessions in the form of interval training.