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  • Running and Performance Anxiety

    Take two different running sessions. During the first run, you were certain to be able to reach your target. During the second run, though, you just couldn’t stop worrying about your target. Does that sound familiar? In the case of the latter, you experienced what we call performance anxiety.

  • Running Technique: 8 Mistakes to Avoid

    Many factors inherent in training can cause an injury to occur. However, running is not only a question of adapting to a physiological stimulus, but also a biomechanical issue. That’s why learning how to improve control of running kinematics can help reduce injuries.

  • Is Glutamine Essential for Runners?

    Let’s talk about glutamine supplements! Do you take them? Have your running friends been pushing you towards them? You surely have many questions concerning their efficacy and safety. We’ve been digging through all the latest scientific studies to find answers for your questions. Read on to become an expert on the subject of glutamine so that you can illuminate your fellow runners!

  • Essential Oils: the Runner’s Ally for Well-Being

    Running puts the body through a lot of strain, regardless of experience level or whether an occasional or regular activity. Essential oils are a great health resource for runners, helping them to prepare their bodies for exertion and recovery. Read on to learn more about their benefits.

  • Does BCAA Supplementation Improve Running Performance?

    For those unfamiliar, BCAA is a type of dietary supplement marketed toward athletes as performance-enhancing. The letters stand for Branched Chain Amino Acids. Have you already included a BCAA supplement in your running regime? Are you looking to learn more about how useful or effective they really are? This article will be a good source of answers to your questions.

  • Spirulina: the Runner’s Superfood

    Thanks to its nutritional profile, spirulina frequently appears on lists of essential superfoods for runners. Still wondering why spirulina is so popular? Looking to find out if consuming it is as positive for your health and performance as claimed? In this article, we’ve summarized the latest conclusions drawn by the scientific community on this intriguing topic.

  • Strength training for runners

    Scientists have demonstrated that for runners, the main benefit of strength training is improved running economy.

    Running economy corresponds to consumption of oxygen per unit of distance. Think of it much in the same way as a car’s fuel economy, in that a runner who can improve their running economy will use less energy to run a given distance.

    In this context, Running Care has deciphered for your convenience all the physiological explanations as well as instructions for implementing strength training for runners.

  • Flow: the Art of Mastering the Moment

    Running helps us stay in shape, take time for ourselves as well as spend it enjoyably with others. Running also brings us pleasure, joy, and satisfaction. It means mastering an art and occasionally reaching a state of unparalleled contentment. Could this be the flow state that we are experiencing?

  • Couverture - Got everything you need for your run? Our special checklist for runners EN

    Got everything you need for your run? Our special checklist for runners

    Got everything you need for your run? To avoid needless stress, we came up with a checklist so you won’t forget anything.

  • Are compression garments useful?

    Compression garments occupy an important place in the world of sports, whether it’s for their comfort, their aesthetic appeal, or their psychophysiological function. They are supposed to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury, and promote recovery—but what do they really do?