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Running Care is a public, open-source, and open-access platform dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of runners across all levels and distances. This comprehensive website serves as a true health partner, offering a distinctive and well-rounded solution to combat discomfort, promote optimal performance, and facilitate an efficient return to your running routine.

Our commitment begins with a thorough medical evaluation and an intuitive self-diagnosis module. This innovative feature allows runners to independently assess their physical condition, pinpoint potential concerns, and proactively address any issues. The objective here is not just to treat the symptoms, but to promote a proactive attitude towards one’s health and running performance.

Furthermore, we offer pathology management solutions that cater to both chronic and acute conditions associated with running. Whether you’re struggling with a repetitive stress injury or confronting a sudden strain or sprain, our platform is equipped with resources to assist you in comprehending, managing, and recovering from your specific condition.

In addition, we understand that professional advice can sometimes be indispensable, which is why we provide a remote consultation service. This service enables you to connect with health and sports professionals from the comfort of your home. You can get personalized advice and solutions that suit your unique needs and circumstances without the constraints of geographical barriers or waiting times.

Running Care also serves as a knowledge hub, offering a vast collection of expert-authored content relating to running and health. This includes articles, research summaries, training tips, nutritional advice, injury prevention strategies, and more. All of our content is grounded in scientific research and written by professionals who are experts in their field.

In the unfortunate event of pain or injury, Running Care goes a step further by providing a tailored care plan. This personalized plan, designed for self-implementation, ensures you receive appropriate care following an injury. The plan is structured to guide you through each stage of the recovery process, from immediate aftercare and pain management, to strength-building exercises, and finally, a gradual return to your sporting activities.

Running Care, therefore, offers an all-encompassing health support system for runners. It is designed to not only provide a response to injury but also proactively prevent issues through education and empowerment. It’s your trusted partner in maintaining and enhancing your running health.

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